Design with soul and science.

At Design at Tree, we not only add soul to our work but also apply the science of brand building. Design at Tree being an offshoot of Tree Advertising has dependable expertise of over 15 years in the advertising industry. The idea at Design at Tree therefore is to offer the right mix of design and brand expertise, thereby delivering an absolute solution. This holistic approach is what marks us from the rest. So, when you work with us you get the root strength of marketing wisdom that branches out into cutting edge design solutions. That’s Design at Tree in a nutshell.

We believe.

In today’s day and age everything is a brand. Anything that isn’t a brand is just another product. So, no matter how good your product design is, if it doesn’t have what it takes to be a brand, it will struggle to cut the clutter. A consumer doesn’t buy a product, he buys a brand. So its imperative that along with the product, the consumer enjoys the entire brand experience as well. At Design at Tree, we will help you achieve this with our extensive understanding of consumer hopes, fears and aspirations. With our combined marketing and design expertise, we aim to transform products into compelling brands!

Our expertise

Maximising the impact of brands
Design at Tree’s unique skills help organisations large and small find the most effective use of their brands. Through a mix of fresh thinking, idea generation and cutting edge implementation, we create distinctive brand personalities and messages getting a positive emotional response from your clients.

Our style

We are not a factory
Design at Tree is committed to delivering strategy-driven design and implementation. Our team deals with every aspect of a project, which guarantees our clients the highest standard of quality and extraordinary care. We offer tailor-made solutions derived from a thorough understanding of each client’s business needs.

Our approach

Design is the new advertising
We view every point of communication with your existing or potential clients as a chance to advertise your company, products and services. With this approach, even your business card becomes an opportunity to advertise your brand-a miniature billboard communicating what you stand for. When we put the same attention onto every consumer touchpoint from your letterhead to packaging, advertising and website, the result is an accumulation of branding experiences that leads to a strong and clear message.

Our process

Strategy-driven idea visualisation
Given our background in advertising, we always centre our work on strategy. For each strategy we find the most appropriate design solution which combines efficacy and aesthetics. The solution is consistent in all execution points and communication channels. In other words: Design at Tree creates idea-driven design solutions using a cross-disciplinary media-independent approach.