Pioneering Mobile Hyper-Local Ad Network

Now In India!

YOOSE delivers a powerful combination of massive hyper-local network reach, precision consumer targeting and dynamic campaign capabilities.

Engaging the Indian consumer through geo-targeting enables advertisers to make best use of their mobile budgets and drive campaign objectives such as retail footfall for designated stores or online actions for e-commerce. In the case of dynamic banners, mobile consumers who enter a geo-defined radius (this could be around a particular store, venue, street or other designated ‘hotspot’) will be shown the relevant ad for that location within their favourite mobile apps and sites. Clicking on these dynamic ads activates the campaign call to action – click to buy, call, locate, download, play video or go to landing page within a brand app or social media site, the latter making engaging SoLoMo (Social – Location – Mobile) campaigns a rewarding option.

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