About Us:

Tree is a communications agency that has grown over a decade with a single minded focus – create specific solutions for specific challenges. It is this focus that has led to understanding the specifics of our clients’ business and communications needs and developing niche solutions for the same.
We don’t mind calling ourselves ‘a small agency’. It doesn’t matter as long as we keep generating ‘big ideas’ for our clients. A testimony to this philosophy, our work today, qualifies as successful business case studies.
With an in-depth understanding of SMEs across categories, we are on our way to writing more and more success stories, as we grow along with our clients’ businesses.

The Strategic Process:

Tree believes in approaching communications based on the IMC principle of integration, which holds that all communications emanating from a single strategic platform will generate a significantly greater return on the communications investment than would be the case with traditional independent media executions.
In a client- agency relationship, the theoretical benefits are clear. For the client, there is the potential for significant synergies and stronger connections with their customers. For the agency, there is the promise of a more complete partnership with the client that provides a greater share of the total marketing communications budget.